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Five Tips For Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture

How to Clean Patio Furniture

Trying to figure out how to clean patio furniture can be easy and painless. But it will work best if you prepare a comprehensive strategy in advance.

A Patio Furniture Cleaning Plan

Cleaning is the key to a good maintenance plan for your new patio furniture. You should have a winter storage plan and a cleaning plan during the Spring and Summer. Many experts suggest that you should clean your outdoor furniture four times over a Summer.

A Plan For Wood Patio Furniture

It is a great idea to invest in a mild oil-based soap as part of your cleaning plan for wood. Be careful about reading the directions. Because sometimes cleaners like this, require that you dilute them before use for optimal effect. If you notice that your wood furniture is being more affected by the weather than your other patio furniture, don’t hesitate to add an additional coat of protective material. You should regularly hose down wicker to prevent the buildup of materials in the crevices.

A Plan For The Metal Parts Of Outdoor Furniture

Your biggest worry with metal is oxidation. So, before you start cleaning the metal parts of your outdoor furniture, you should use a metal polishing paste. usually a combination of equal parts white vinegar and water to remove any signs of oxidation. Avoid cleaners that include ammonia as it can increase the chances of oxidation. Also, if you need to remove scuff marks, use a household cleaner like soft-scrub.

A Plan For Your Glass Surfaces

Remember that it is really important to clean both sides of your glass surfaces (at least once a month). If you only clean the top of your glass, you will find that the resulting grime buildup on the other side will become impossible to reverse. Dishwasher soaps or home cleaners are designed for glass and do a fine job. Avoid the use of abrasive scrubbers to remove gunk, find a glass-safe alternative to prevent damage.

What About Cleaning Cantilevered Umbrellas

Most modern cantilevered umbrellas have detachable canopies designed for easy cleaning. If your umbrella is detachable, remove it and use a garden hose or pressure washer to clean it off. If it is not detachable, place it on the ground umbrella side down, and follow the same instructions. Take a sponge and warm soapy water to every part of the umbrella. After you have finished, hose it down again to get rid of the soapy residue and reassemble it. Once you have finished, just let the sun do its job!

Once you have a solid cleaning and maintenance plan and have rounded up all the necessary cleaning supplies, you will be ready to enjoy years of fun with your clean outdoor furniture! Lastly, hope you enjoyed our guide on how to clean patio furniture.