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Living rooms are often the social center of an entire house, so it can be well worth your time to get the little details right and build your entire design concept around your living room reorganization.

There are many furniture stores in Vancouver BC but Vancouver Sofa Company is the best choice when you want to buy new furniture to spruce up your living room design. We will even have our interior design specialists come for in-house consultations to make sure that the social hub of your house is perfect in every way.

Small Choices, Like Adding Modern Chairs, Can Make All The Difference

Ultimately, most home spaces, like living rooms, are defined by how the furniture, paint, and decorative choices complement and enhance the natural focal point of the room. If your natural focal point is a picture window, you will want your new furniture to complement that picture window in look and in alignment.

If your natural focal point is a fireplace, choose the perfect sectional sofa that both allows for comfortable seating and for a complementary design aesthetic highlighting the fireplace.

Once you have chosen the right sectional sofa, choosing great accent pieces matters too. Adding a modern chair, for instance, can also amplify the visual interest and take your living room from normal to special.

Adding Impact To Your Sectional Sofa By Accessorizing

So, you figured out the natural focal point and you have added the perfect sectional sofa, but what are you still missing? Accessories can make a huge impact.

Does the living room still seem too closed off? Open the space with an interesting new wall mirror. Does the sectional sofa need a splash of color? Make it even more attractive by choosing the right mix of decorative pillows. Does the floor seem too dark? Lighten it up with a great new rug.

Avoiding Classic Mistakes

Before you start visiting furniture stores in Vancouver BC, know the dimensions of your living room and consider how this space will be used by actual people. No matter how great your living room looks in a picture, it is only as good as it is functional for the people who will be using it.

Consider all of the pieces you purchase in the context of the exact dimensions of your living room and remember the “three-foot rule” (which states that people need about three feet between objects to comfortably navigate through a room).

And, as always, if you have any questions, we are here for you. Please feel free to contact one of our qualified sales professionals at Vancouver Sofa Company for help anytime.