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Our large variety of sectional sofas is one of the things that makes Vancouver Sofa Company the best furniture store in Vancouver. But sometimes, finding the perfect sofa for your space is only the first step, you might still need to know how to style your new sectional. Not to worry, we are here to help, and here are some tips we hope will help you prepare.

Make Sure Your Rug Is The Right Size

Sectional sofas look best on a tastefully chosen rug. You may have picked the perfect fabric, but make sure that your rug extends out far enough to make an impact. The general rule of thumb is that you want your rug to fit underneath the legs of the sofa and extend three feet beyond your coffee table.

Pick The Right Coffee Table For Your Sectional Sofa

Usually, there are a few normal concerns you should address when picking a coffee table for your sectional sofa. First, does the coffee table fit within the boundaries of the edges of the sectional? If not, it is probably not the right coffee table for your particular sofa. Second, make certain the size, style, and width of your coffee table makes sense in the context of the sofa you choose. Finally, you don’t want to place the coffee table so that it is too close for guests to enjoy comfortable seating.

Let Your Pillows Make The Statement

Usually, your furniture sets a tone while your pillows make the statement. One thing you don’t want to do is to have so many pillows that the impact becomes muddled. A general rule of thumb is to find 6-7 pillows in different sizes with complementary but not necessarily matching fabrics.

Match Tone And Proportions To Pictures

Nobody wants a compact sectional backed by gigantic pictures or a massive sectional backed by tiny pictures. It is probably also a good idea to consider the stylistic match between the style of sectional sofa that you choose and the pictures you plan to put on the wall behind that sofa.

Vancouver Sofa Company, Your Place For Furniture in Vancouver BC

Our staff is excited to help you style your sectional sofa. We offer an amazing variety of sofas, fabrics, and styles (you can even often custom order a sectional sofa from us asking for a particular level of cushion firmness). But what sets us even further apart is the level of support that our professional and experienced staff will provide you from the moment you enter the store. We offer a large inventory of styling options from coffee tables to ottomans, and our staff will be there to help you every step of the way.

When you are ready to purchase a sectional sofa, come to the best furniture store in Vancouver, Vancouver Sofa Company!