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You are looking for patio furniture, but you want to know more about all of your options like wicker resin patio furniture. What are the pros and cons? What should you expect after you leave Vancouver Sofa Company and finally get your furniture home?

What Is Resin Wicker

So, let’s start off the discussion with some wicker basics. While it is often the case that traditional wicker is made with rattan, wicker is actually a style of weave and not a kind of material. Resin wicker is made with a chemical process that usually ends up as polyethylene. The treatment process helps make wicker more durable and lasting.

What Are The Benefits Of Resin Patio Furniture

One of the biggest problems outdoor furniture often has is standing up to the elements but because of the treatment process involved, wicker resin patio furniture is both UV protected and water resistant. In other words, unlike many other kinds of patio furniture, resin wicker stands up well to weather (resin wicker even resists salt water) .

Resin furniture is also very easy to clean. Usually, it stands up very well to being hosed down with a garden hose and a gentle cleaning with soap, water, and a sponge. Where other kinds of furniture require more intricate methods of cleaning, resin wicker really is as easy as soap and water. And even though this style of furniture rarely chips or cracks, it is also really easy to paint and repair.

Last but not least, resin wicker furniture is cheaper and more durable than most other similar styles of furniture.

What Are The Potential Drawbacks

First, while resin wicker can generally be counted on to be durable, it is not all created equal. Knowing the composition of your resin wicker furniture is important. Polyethylene is the highest quality composite but some resin wicker furniture is made of polyurethane or of polyvinyl chlorides. The higher the quality, the more durable (and also the most expensive). These quality differences can also account for differences in the patina of the furniture and why some furniture will look better from a difference than it does up close.

Also, resin wicker (or wicker in general) cannot fold or be as easily stored or disassembled as other kinds of furniture. Many wicker pieces can be larger and need more space for many of the same reasons. Make sure that you know the dimensions of your space very well before buying your new furniture.

Vancouver Sofa Company is a perfect place to shop for both patio furniture and wicker resin patio furniture and now that you know the pros and the cons of this style of furniture you should be ready to make the best and most informed furniture decisions whether you need a patio sectional sofa or a resin wicker chair.